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Live Pterosaurs in America
Third Edition
By Jonathan David Whitcomb
Pterosaur sketches by Eskin Kuhn
Relive the extraordinary encounters these Americans  have had with featherless flying creatures that our  culture has taught us “should not exist.” What do  you have to lose, reading this nonfiction book on  cryptozoology? Release yourself from the bondage  of life-long indoctrination into universal extinction  dogmatism regarding dinosaurs and pterosaurs.   Regain your faith in the human potential for courage  by reading of eyewitnesses who bravely tell their  experiences and cryptozoologists who explore and  interview those who have seen live pterosaurs. How  did this escape the notice of American scientists? If  you walk away from this book, how will you know?   What wonderful scientific discoveries await us here  in the United States of America! Be among the first  of those who are open-minded enough to recognize  the new cryptozoological breakthroughs that are  preparing the way for future scientific discoveries of  living pterosaurs. Available on   American cryptozoologists (old, young, inbetween)  have interviewed Americans who have seen these  featherless flying creatures, and the more-credible  accounts you will read here: in this third edition of  “Live Pterosaurs in America,” the expanded version.     Written by Jonathan Whitcomb, the world’s leading  interviewer of eyewitnesses of these creatures.  
From a reader of the first edition of this book:  “[The] new book arrived today! . . . a wonderful  job!!! . . . more sightings than they can dispute (21  states!!!) . . . a descriptive and engaging ongoing  investigation . . .” (Susan Wooten, SC) From another reader of the first edition: “The  problem with science is that we think we know it all  and that is far from reality. This book shows courage  to continue the search. If you have an interest in  cryptozoology you should read this.” (Dale Reeder,  in Pennsylvania)   From a reader of the second edition (”Stevie”):  “This author has really done a lot of work  researching this issue . . . This is well written and  very hard to put down.” Another reader of the second edition has said, “I  couldn't put this book down. It is absolutely  fascinating to read about eyewitness accounts of  the people who have seen these creatures. To learn  about these testimonies from such an open minded  perspective is refreshing in the extreme! . . .  I  highly recommend this book to anyone! People  should know the truth about what is going on. No  one ever hears anything about this unless they  conduct extremely specific internet searches, even  then, information is minimal. Jonathan Whitcomb  needs to write more books!” (Five stars out of five  awarded by “StrangeDream” on Amazon) The modern long-tailed pterosaur that relates to the  fossils of Rhamphorhynchoids—that flying creature  is known around the world as the “ropen.”  
Giving five stars to the first edition, one reader said, “He has focused on the accounts of witnesses who saw something, and that adds credibility. The writing is easy to read and he adds comments and analysis to make it all more useful. Mostly, the author lets the sightings speak for themselves, which is good.” (”Red Rabbit” from Cleveland, Ohio)
True Eyewitness Accounts
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Third Edition of the Book